Girls: 7" Version




Originally GIRLS was brainstormed as a 4 to 5 song 7" record to be funded via Kickstater and released by The Pirate Record Company.

After not being able to decide on 4 to 5 songs, we decided to do a CD version with extra songs that wouldn't fit on the 7" version. Eventually we were approached by Baldy Long Hair Records in New Jersey, about doing a cassette tape/download version so we decided to do even more songs and we started writing interludes for the songs we had already learned. We were inspired.

So, the Kickstarter campaign ended up going through by the way. The whole point of GIRLS was to cover songs originally performed by female vocalists/bands, and sort of making them our own. All while trying to add as many collaborators as we possible could (who were all friends of ours by the way). It was a true community type recording and although it was stressful at times, we pulled it off and actually would like to record with friends again.

All formats of GIRLS have different track listings and a song or two that's exclusive to it's own format.

For this 7" version the exclusive track is SALVATION by The Cranberries.

This 7" record is available on purple, pink and black vinyl and can be purchased at


released December 12, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered with Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Sound Labs in Orange, California.



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